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20 Acts of Self-Love that you should start today

Self-love is something you probably don’t do enough of. It’s easy to forget – you’re busy taking care of everyone else. But self-love is vital to health and happiness. And it’s not hard, either.

To get started, consider the following 20 acts:

Meditate: Do this first thing in the morning or else you might not find the time.

Read a book: Books are those archaic bindings of paper that existed before you had children.

Sign up for yoga: Get down with downward dog!

Schedule a massage: Your kids rubbing your feet for a quid? That doesn’t actually count.

Binge watch TV: Turn-off Peppa Pig and turn on Sex and the City.

Dress for you: Wear those tracksuit bottoms with reckless abandon.

Take a long nap: Sleeping is fun. Loads of fun.

Indulge in a bubble bath: Threaten to cut off any tiny fingers shoved underneath the bathroom door.

Buy yourself something: Make sure it’s something you want and not just something you need. Splurging on toilet paper isn’t as fun as splurging on shoes and handbags.

Reconnect with an old friend: Get together and talk about how quickly time flies. And have wine.

Reconnect with an old hobby: Remember how good you were at Netball in primary school? You probably won’t be now, but it would still be fun to try!

Do nothing for an entire day: All your phone calls and emails can wait until tomorrow.

Take a drive: Hit the road without knowing where you’re going. Choose your directions at will.

Write yourself a letter describing your best qualities: You might need a few extra pieces of paper.

Get a new haircut: Is there a hairstyle you’ve always wanted? Go for it! In the event you hate it, hair grows back.

Dance with your dog: If they growl, let them lead.

Make a list of ten things you’re proud to have accomplished: As a bonus, add five more things you’d like to accomplish within the next five years.

Watch your favourite movie and recite every line: Do it alone, so no one tells you that you’re ruining Dirty Dancing for them.

Engage in mindful eating: Did you know raisins are crunchy when you really pay attention?

Say no: Sometimes, it’s necessary to tell others, “No.” It lets you tell yourself, “Yes.”


Hiya, I’m Karen, energy therapist and mind body expert for dynamic and ambitious women who are struggling with anxiety. I help them to get to the root cause of their anxiety so they can take back control other thoughts and be the calm and confident woman they want to be.
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