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You are Amazing…How to Increase Self-esteem

Many people struggle with self-esteem. When things aren’t going well in life it can often get us down and we can start to think there is something wrong with us.

It’s an epidemic, one made worse by the media tricking us to believe our self-worth is zero unless, of course, we’re a size-zero. Yet, it’s not just our weight or height or the fact that the only six-pack we have is in our fridge that causes low self-esteem. Thoughts such as … I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not clever enough can plague us constantly.

Girls, particularly young girls, are especially at risk for low self-esteem. According to a survey conducted by The Guardian, one in three girls is unhappy with her looks. And this opens up an entire can of worms in how someone feels about themselves. But, no matter the reason you fail to see your greatness, self-esteem isn’t etched in stone: rather, it’s fluid and something you’re able to change.

According to Psych Central, there’s a few ways to do this and none of them are drastic. None of them involve standing in front of a mirror, saying “pretty bird” over and over again to your reflection.

1. Take a self-esteem inventory: This involves recognising your irrational thoughts for what they are: nonsense. You know that voice in your head telling you your ideas are ridiculous or that you look fat in your brand new skinny jeans. It’s an imp in your mind doing what imps are born to do: cause havoc. Irrational thoughts are misleading and the sooner you recognise them, the sooner you’re able to see them for what they truly are: big fat liars!

2. Recognise strengths: You’re not perfect, just like no one else is. But you’re not imperfect, either. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Insecurities want you to focus on your shortcomings: fight back by focusing on all you have to offer.

3. Set expectations that are realistic: It’s great to aim high. If no one did that, we’d never have cures for diseases or men on the moon. But while you can be many things you want, you can’t be everything you want. Life doesn’t work that way.

4. Embrace your mistakes: Although we are often embarrassed by our mistakes we really shouldn’t be: everybody makes them. So, you have a choice to do two things with them: you can either wallow in them or you can learn from them. Embracing the mistakes allows us to learn. It also allows you to see most mistakes for what they are: no big deal.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others: Everyone is different with different things to offer. Everyone you meet has a talent you don’t. And you have a talent they don’t. No one is really better than anyone else; we’re just all better in different ways!


Hiya, I’m Karen, energy therapist and mind body expert for dynamic and ambitious women who are struggling with anxiety. I help them to get to the root cause of their anxiety so they can take back control other thoughts and be the calm and confident woman they want to be.
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