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Five Reasons Why Self-Care isn’t selfish

Self-care has an unfair reputation as being selfish, as though it’s a type of care that hogs all the toys at playtime or spends its free-time kissing the mirror. But self-care isn’t selfish at all; in fact, it’s a necessity of life.

There are many reasons why self-care is so important. Five of these reasons include:

It improves mental health: Engaging in self-care makes you a happier, less anxious person. People who take the time to care for their own needs are better able to face the stresses of everyday life and are better armed to deal with any mental health conditions they may have.

It improves physical health: Self-care is also vital to physical health. Not only because the brain impacts the body, but because self-care involves things directly linked to wellness, things like massage, walks around a forest, or meditation. Would you label someone going in for gallbladder surgery as selfish? Then someone engaging in preventative medicine shouldn’t be labeled either.

It improves your relationships: When you engage in self-care, you empower yourself to be more generous to those around you. Happy people make other people happier too. Self-care primes you to be the best version of yourself, not only for you but for those you love too.

It leads you to purpose: Everyone wants to find their purpose in life – some of us already have. But, if you’re still leading the search party, self-care can help the discovery process. Self-care involves trusting yourself and digging deep – it helps give you the confidence to dare, dream, and do.

It reminds you of your worth: You probably wouldn’t bat an eye at helping a friend or loved one in need, so why balk when the person in need is the person you’re closest to: you! Self-care reminds you that taking time for yourself isn’t about self-involvement or self-importance; rather, it’s about self-sufficiency.


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