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Four Ways to create balance in your life

Balance is something we should all strive for, a life of harmony where we have lots of things in moderation. Except for chocolate. We have a surplus of that.

People who lead balanced lives tend to find those lives more fulfilling than people whose main focus is one thing: their job, their kids, their social media account.

But life doesn’t balance itself and it’s easy to seesaw from one extreme to the other. Still, there are ways to strive for symmetry. And four of these include:

Practicing mindfulness: Mindfulness is the act of being completely engaged in the moment and accepting any thought that pops into your mind. Even the judgements, even the worries, even the strange. The best way to practice this is through meditation – this trains your brain to stay in the moment before that moment is gone forever.

Surrounding yourself with good people: If you want a life full of positivity, choose your social circle carefully. Just as good people bring out the good in you, toxic people do the opposite. After all, if you want to see who you really are, you only need to look at your friends.

Set aside time for play: It’s easy to get wrapped up in work: it gives us money and money isn’t only necessary – it’s also fun. But working constantly and taking little time for play sets yourself up for burnout. Put your job aside in the name of joy – live to live, don’t live to work.

Get physical: Exercise is something most people don’t do enough of: unfortunately, lifting a wineglass repeatedly to your lips is not technically aerobic. But getting up and getting moving isn’t really optional, either. The physical health benefits aside (and there are numerous), exercise aids mentality, attitude, mood, and self-esteem. You don’t need to run a marathon, but aim to do something every day even if it’s taking a stroll or hopping on your bike. Exercise can be fun…promise!


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