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How to Deal With Negative People

The glass isn’t always half full – even the most positive people have moments of sadness, trials, tribulation, and “my life is shit” realisations. But there’s a difference between being someone down in the occasional dumps and being someone perpetually negative.

We all know people from the latter group – a pessimistic Pat, a Debbie downer. But what we might not know is how to deal with these types of people on a day-to-day basis.

The easy answer is, “Don’t!” Remove negative folks from your life by forming a circle of supportive, positive friends and family. Immerse yourself in people who build you up, not tear you or your dreams down.

That’s the easy answer, an answer that isn’t always applicable.

Sometimes, negative people are unavoidable – you obviously can’t tell your ego maniac boss to fuck off, so how do you deal with the inevitable ill-tempered? Remember these four keys:

Protect your energy field: To prevent your energy being drained by negative Nellies imagine a protective energetic bubble surrounding you. Allow no one to penetrate your energetic space without your permission.

Don’t take it personally: Someone who is filled with negativity will likely take things out on you; they’ll be irrational and unfair. But don’t take it personally – keep in mind that their negativity says nothing about you and everything about them.

Don’t enable: Misery, as they say, loves company, but that doesn’t mean you need to pull up a chair to their pity party. Resist the urge to take the negative bait – set a boundary and don’t cross it no matter how much they goad. Just because they’re looking upon something unfavourably, that doesn’t mean you need to as well.

Have empathy: It might be difficult to feel for those who are doom and gloom twenty-four hours a day, but try. Negative people are often negative for a reason – they’re fighting a battle we can’t see. Your empathy can go a long way, even so far to pull them from the dark side of the road to the one that is brighter.


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