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Less Mess… Less Stress

Many of us live lives of disorder – from the house that’s full of toys to the car that’s full of coffee cups – it’s easy to amass clutter. Some of this is normal, of course – it’s perfectly reasonable for your home to look like people actually live there. But too much adds to stress – mess ups the madness and that makes things harder on you.

So how do you avoid this mess? Do you discard all your things in favour of a minimalist life? Do you beg your children to take up miming instead of painting? Do you throw everything in a cupboard and hope no one – NO ONE – ever opens it? You could. Or you could try one of the following steps:

Give things to charity: Somewhere in your house, you have things – lots of things – that you don’t use. Pack these up and donate them to someone who will. Giving to charity is a great way to volunteer.

Sell old items: If you have an item that you no longer want, consider selling it and making a little extra cash. There are always people looking for things like gym equipment, computers, and furniture. You can sell online or do a car boot sale.

Buy experiences, not things: Even after you declutter, you must make sure you don’t re-clutter. The best way to do this is to buy experiences rather than things. Make memories instead of messes.

Purchase organisational products: There are certain products that aid in organisation by offering you shelf space or storage. A couch with pockets, for example, provides you with a place to store remote controls, magazines, and throw pillows (and a place for your children to store half eaten apples). Fill your home with this type of furniture and your house will practically organise itself.

Have a designated place: Some people benefit from having a designated area for their disorganisation. If it’s minimal, a junk drawer may do the trick. If it’s more serious, you might need an entire junk cupboard or a junk room. Having a mess in one place is much better – and less stressful – that having one all over the place.


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