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The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability isn’t something that most of us want to embrace – wearing your heart on your sleeve is one thing; wearing your shame on it is quite another. But in vulnerability lies a power, a power that connects us to others and, more importantly, to ourselves.

So, what are some of the reasons you should try vulnerability on and see what it feels like?

They include:

It allows you to accept yourself: Vulnerability can be an asset or a deficit; it’s up to you to decide. When you try to hide who you are, you tell yourself that the real you isn’t good enough. You’re so afraid of others rejecting you that, simply, you beat them to it.

It gets things out in the open: As the saying goes “secrets don’t make friends” and they don’t make a friend to yourself, either. Secrecy breeds shame – if you want to tame something, name something.

It connects you to others: No matter your flaws and your scars other people have them too. No one gets through life without a vulnerability. Exploring this shared experience connects us to others. We don’t love people because they’re perfect; we love them because they’re not.

It allows you to connect to yourself: There’s not a single person on the planet whose life is utopic: everyone is fighting a battle – everyone! By admitting to this battle, you connect to yourself. Saying that you’re vulnerable is also saying that you’re human.

It’s better than the alternative: As mentioned above, naming something helps tame it. On the flipside, continuing to hide an insecurity only makes things worse. There’s no better way to take something from a molehill to a mountain than by ignoring it. Vulnerability rarely just takes the hint and goes away.


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