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Tired? Try boosting your energy with these quick tips.

Everyone suffers from low energy at some point; the only things that jump out of bed each morning as if that day will be the greatest day of their lives are dogs. People, on the other hand, are more complicated…and more tired, too.

This doesn’t mean we’re sloths, of course. It just means sometimes we need extra assistance with our get up and go. So, how do we find this? Coffee? A massage? A good night’s sleep? Those might help, but so will the following:

Up your magnesium level: Magnesium is an important mineral: it’s involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. One of these is breaking down glucose into energy. Thus, if your energy levels are low, your magnesium levels might be as well. You can take supplements or you can enhance your diet – eat more fish, increase your leafy greens, and go nuts (especially almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews).

Eat: Yep, food is essential to energy – that’s what calories are. But not all food is created equal – a good breakfast full of protein will sustain you for the rest of your morning; a bowl of Coco Pops will not. Yet eating isn’t only important in the a.m.: all meals are vital, not just the one that gets things started.

Drink water: Most of us have heard that the human body requires eight glasses of water per day, but this isn’t necessarily true: rather, hydration needs are individually-based. You might need eight glasses or you might need eighteen. People who work in hot weather climates, drink alcohol, or exercise tend to require more. Knowing your own needs helps prevent dehydration, something that can leave you tired even when it’s minimal.

Protect yourself: Negative people act as energy vampires, sucking your good vibes until you have none left. Don’t allow their energy to affect yours. Surround yourself with the right people and get rid of the Neg Ferrets, Mood Hoovers, Fun Sponges or whatever you like to call them. Make the saying – “show me who you’re friends with and I’ll show you who you are” – one you’re proud to utter.

Raise your vibration: You can increase your energy by altering your perspective just a bit. Be kind. Give back. Practice gratitude. Don’t take yourself too seriously. And learn to stop and smell the roses (literally and proverbially).

Go for a walk: Taking a walk may sound like it depletes our energy, but it tends to do the opposite. Studies have found that walking at a brisk pace for ten minutes helped people experience higher energy levels for up to two hours. Perhaps this is why dogs have endless energy; they’re big fans of walks, after all.

Get your thyroid checked: If changing your diet or activity levels don’t seem to increase your energy level, consider getting your thyroid tested. Low thyroid levels are notorious for causing sluggishness. Still, they’re not the only things worth getting checked out: have your doc test you for anemia and vitamin deficiencies too. This is especially common for women in their reproductive years.

Avoid energy drinks: It seems counterintuitive to avoid a drink known for the thing you’re seeking, but energy drinks tend to be high in caffeine, sugar and calories. They’ll pick you up for a little, but you’ll come crashing down to earth once the spike wears off.


Hiya, I’m Karen, energy therapist and mind body expert for dynamic and ambitious women who are struggling with anxiety. I help them to get to the root cause of their anxiety so they can take back control other thoughts and be the calm and confident woman they want to be.
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